Jamie Parker MP is the state Member for the electorate of Balmain


Jamie Parker MP is the state Member for the electorate of Balmain. He has a Masters of Economics (Political Economy) from the University of Sydney.

Jamie and the Greens have a plan to transition NSW’s electricity sector to clean energy and transition to 100% renewable energy which includes large-scale solar thermal power plants, wind power guidelines for communities, improving energy efficiency in households and industry, stemming unnecessary electricity infrastructure expansion, and encouraging community-owned and operated renewable energy projects.

In his time as an MP, Jamie has led the campaign to stop retrospective cuts to the solar bonus scheme; initiated Renewable Energy Inner West (a local community owned renewable energy group installing solar in local businesses); and brought together seven Sydney councils to develop and renewable energy master plan.

He stands as a strong independent voice for Democracy, people and the environment. Jamie is working for transparency and accountability in government. He is a fierce defender of public education and a champion for clean politics to deliver a more liveable community and caring society.