Jarra Hicks – Community Power Agency


IMG_4841_Jarra Hicks

Jarra Hicks is the Director and a co-founder the Community Power Agency, and a leading member of  the Coalition for Community Energy, Jarra has a professional background in community development, campaigning and renewable energy. She studied Development Studies at the University of Newcastle and in 2009 completed Honors research that

focused on grassroots renewable energy projects as effective responses to climate change using innovative economic practices.

Jarra will speak about the community energy movement gaining momentum across Australia, in which groups of citizens are taking responsibility for their energy use and energy needs by setting up renewable energy projects.  These initiatives bring people together to learn about, develop, operate and benefit from local energy supply from clean, renewable sources that are locally available. Jarra will provide examples of community energy projects and update their current status, identifying challenges and opportunities facing community energy in Australia.  Importantly, she will discuss how projects across Australia are coming together in the newly launched Coalition for Community Energy and are working in collaboration to build their strength and to drive a broader, more successful movement for democratised, decentralised and decarbonised energy.